Expertise on Natural Language Information Processing (NLP) and Computational Linguistics is vital to the success of any business or project dealing with technologies like the ones outlined on this website.

Similarly, in document management, searching, filtering, and information retrieval, there are many important innovations in the research pipeline that rely on NLP technology.

Unfortunately, NLP expertise is not widely available in-house for most businesses, government, and military organizations. The semantilog project offers you the opportunity to hire some of ours.

assessment, review, and quality assurance

Maybe you are looking to acquire services or products related to NLP technology from an existing vendor. Maybe you are even considering a takeover of such a company. In this case you will find yourself faced with a bewildering number of high-tech startups, making claims like "we use semantics to extract real meaning from text", or "our artificial intelligence enables computers to read and understand text just like a human would". You are well advised not to take such claims at face value without bringing in independent experts to assess and evaluate the technology. This is the kind of job we would be happy to do for you.

innovation potential

We can also help you identify potentials for innovation based on NLP technology in your organization or on your products. We can help you plan the deployment of such technology and assess associated risks and opportunities.

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